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Experienced Professionals

Our team includes a group of professionals and executives with vast experience in every aspect  of your Aviation Business, including sales, marketing, corporate strategy, Business Innovation, Operation, Production, Logistics  and more.  Each professional team member holds many years of formalized education and experience in their respective field. Our knowledge, experience, scale, and scope allow us to address the core challenges of MRO and Engineering organizations in a manner that no one else can. We have deep functional and industry expertise as well as a breadth of geographical reach and excellent strategic contacts.

We have the unparalleled ability to assemble teams of world-class experts with industry-appropriate experience that are best suited to meet the needs of its customers.

At Progressive MRO management & engineering Ltd., we have a fundamental belief that any MRO or  Engineering company can attain quantum improvement without jeopardizing stability. In everything we do we challenge common paradigms in order to create a new and better reality for our clients. Our conviction is that any organization, regardless of its current performance, can be substantially improved!