Yaniv Dinur – Chairman of the Board    

Yaniv Dinur is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on the Theory of Constraints (TOC), and was a direct student of Dr. Goldratt from 2006 until Dr. Goldratt death. Until June 2013, Yaniv served as the Global Accounts Director and APAC and Europe Regional Director at Goldratt Consulting. Mr. Dinur has led some of the biggest TOC projects over the past decade in Manufacturing, Supply Chain management, CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management) and Retail industries all over the world (see below a partial list).

Prior to his TOC career, for the past 20 years, Yaniv has served in several leading high-tech companies as Worldwide Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development including: Comverse (Nasdaq 100, CMVT), Metalink (Nasdaq, MTLK) and Emblaze (LSE, BLZ). He also served as CEO of a start-up company (Knownet Inc.) and was a Director of Sales at Rafael in the defense sector.

Mr. Dinur is MBA graduate from the Technion in Haifa, Israel and a B.A degree in Economics from the Bar-Ilan University in Tel-Aviv. He graduated (Cum Laude) the Israeli Naval Academy, and served many years as an officer in the submarine fleet.

Joseph Reinherz - CEO

Joseph Reinherz is a veteran in the MRO industry. In 1991 Mr. Reinherz joined Bedek Aviation Group of Israel Aerospace Industries. There he headed the Widebody Heavy Maintenance and Modification facility. From 2000 on he served with Commodore Aviation and Empire Aero Center in the USA as President and CEO. In 2007 he established and served as the CEO of M&B Conversions in Ireland. In 2012, Mr. Reinherz moved to Business Management Consulting, mainly with Goldratt Consulting. Since 2017 he took position as CEO for Progressive- MRO Management & Engineering.

Mr. Reinherz is a graduate of the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology in Aeronautic Engineering, of The Hebrew University in Engineering Management. He is also a Jonah- Theory of Constraints (TOC) Master and the first to implement it in MRO. Mr. Reinherz led for about 15 years the Passenger to Freighter Conversion Programs in Bedek Aviation.

Michel Levy – Vice President, Engine MRO

A veteran in the MRO operation business. Started his career as an Engineer in Israel Air Force, where he grew through the ranks to take charge as the Technical Commander of the Air Force Largest Air Base. Upon retirement from service in 1995, he joined United Motors Israel (UMI) as the General Manager. In 1997 he joined Israel Aerospace Industries(IAI), Bedek Aviation Group. In Bedek, the MRO group of IAI, took several managerial positions in the Aircraft and Engines Divisions, until in 2009 he took the Engines General Manager Position. During the service in IAI Mr. Levy oversaw some significant projects and headed some outstanding assignments engaging Marketing and Sales, Operation enhancement, Quality upgrading and Growth enhancement. In 2012 Mr. Levy moved to consultancy as he joined Goldratt Consulting (GC). In GC Mr. Levy was a Senior Consultant until he left GC in 2016.

Mr. Levy, has MA for Business Management from The Beer Sheba University, he also is a graduate of the School of High Command of IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and a Graduate Board of Directors Membership course.