Business Development

Strategic analysis and review of market state are the foundations for business development. With our experience and thinking processes we will bring your management team to strategic thinking and carry it through business innovation thinking to business development solutions.


Excellence in Operations

The main constraint on management is time. When management focuses on every days business flow and on the same time wishes to get into improvement of certain aspects of Operation be it Marketing or On Time Delivery or adding a new service or product to its capabilities, we step in with on hands solutions and support.

New Technologies

Business innovation today is driven by modernization in particular in the Aviation and MRO sectors. We expertise in the utilization and implementation of these technologies from digitization to new inspection methods and to building and offering Predictive Maintenance platforms.




  • Aviation Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Business Development
  • Facilities Management & Operations
  • Facilities establishment
  • Passenger to Cargo Aircraft Conversions
  • Multipurpose & VIP Aircraft Conversions
  • Aircraft Configurations Upgrades
  • Air Vehicle Design & Manufacturing Programs Management